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Our team is comprised of senior-level financial and operational executives that utilize their extensive experience to help solve today's complex business problems.  The team at The Clover Group has guided companies, large and small, though today's complex business environment, solving business challenges and enhancing performance.


We work with early-stage investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, their executive teams and stakeholders to help the business ecosystem flourish. We empathize with the difficult challenges our clients face in growing their businesses and strive to bring lessons learned to our client base.


At The Clover Group we are passionate about building businesses.........your business.



The Clover Group provides companies with the hands-on financial and operational expertise to start, grow and transform their businesses. 

The Clover Group has extensive experience working with entrepreneurial and growth-oriented companies, as well as underperforming and distressed companies, and uses this knowledge to solve our clients' specific business problems.


To support the specific needs of companies operating in today’s challenging and complex business environment, The Clover Group offers a spectrum of customized, best practice services that range from CFO advisory services, strategic planning, financial modeling, merger & acquisition, capital acquisition, to system and process development and improvement.


Firms seeking experienced, in-depth financial and business solutions chose The Clover Group as their trusted partner.



Our Expertise

The Clover Group is a strategic partner that utilizes a proven methodology tailored to our client's needs and goals.  We recognize that each client is different and faces a unique set of challenges.  At The Clover group, we take the time to learn our client's business from the ground up and use that knowledge to provide customized, best of breed services. 


Our approach is results driven.  We understand our client's needs are critical and time-sensitive and apply our methodology to generate the greatest impact in the least amount of time.


The mission of The Clover Group is to create innovative, strategic options for our clients and subsequently execute solutions. We create exceptional results for our clients by investing thoroughly in each and every relationship, while leveraging our core values of honesty and integrity.




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