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Our Expertise


CFO Advisory Services

The role of the CFO is evolving.  Today, in many organizations, the role of the CFO and COO have begun to merge.  The expanded CFO role includes such diverse responsibilities as strategic planning, corporate development and productivity, as well as maintaining the traditional finance function.


The new CFO is involved in all aspects of the business, and for this reason firms must embrace the CFO function earlier and with more effectiveness.  Success in today's economy will come down to effectively using the finance function throughout the business.


Our clients use the diverse talents of The Clover Group to impact all areas of their firm.  At The Clover Group, we understand the expanding role of finance and the CFO.  We are not focused on the tactical reporting of financial data, but on how finance and the CFO can strategically impact the business and drive performance.  

Process Optimization

The core of The Clover Group revolves around understanding how a client’s business functions and how implementing improvements will help it gain additional financial control, achieve specific corporate objectives and improve profitability.


Concept and pre-funded companies, growing companies, middle market companies and companies in transition can all benefit from streamlining and automating processes and procedures.


Financial process optimization typically includes a customized mix of the following three services:


  • Assessment of Financial Operations

  • Daily Financial Management

  • Designing, Selecting & Implementing Accounting Systems



Strategic Planning

Clients achieve their objectives faster and more effectively with guidance from financial advisors who understand business strategy.


At The Clover group, we act as an active partner with the CEO, executive team and stakeholders to make business decisions and align business and financial strategies for the best possible financial outcomes. Our financial professionals have the deep knowledge and operational management experience needed to apply these principles to the specific needs of each client, so that client can achieve their strategic goals.  


Aligning strategies is especially important for companies because today's business environments constantly advancing and the competition is fierce.  



Change Management

 At The Clover Group, we understand true change management and work with our clients to implement effective corporate change that drives measurable results.  The underlying principle is that change does not happen in isolation.  Change impacts the whole organization and all the people touched by it.


In order to manage change successfully, it is therefore necessary to consider the wider impacts of the changes. As well as considering the tangible impacts of change, it's important to consider the personal impact on those affected, and their journey towards working and behaving in new ways to support the change.


At The Clover Group, we take the time to learn our client’s business to implement changes that align business activities with goals.  We work to create a clear road map to effect the necessary change and in turn, create positive results.  We then measure the results and provide feedback to continue the successful change and alter the areas that were ineffective.  Without this, no change management plan will be successful.  

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Clover Group is a trusted mergers and acquisition advisor to small and middle market companies, with expertise in exit strategies, divestitures, acquisitions, merger advisory, management buy-outs, joint ventures, ESOP’s and strategic alliances.


Our team has experience in multiple industries. We are committed to providing expert guidance on your options and executing on the strategy effectively and efficiently with the highest degree of integrity.


At The Clover Group we focus on the relationship and not the transaction.  We stand by our clients from initial contact through integration.  

Technology & Innovation

Over the last 20 years, technology has been the single largest change agent in business and the finance function.  Understanding and harnessing technology is critical to the success of any business in today's environment.  


Companies must make critical decisions around technology including when and what systems to implement or improve.  Firms are also struggling with big data.  How do firms use and visualize this data to gain a competitive advantage?


At The Clover Group, we have extensive experience in the technology field.  Whether it is choosing your ERP/CRM or improving digital experiences and communication throughout the organization, we can help.


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